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Caring for the Environment

Let's do our bit

089_Villa Las Pergolas.jpg
089_Villa Las Pergolas.jpg

Renovation Works

Recent renovations have aimed at maximizing the recovery, conservation and reuse of original materials as well as enhancing local craftsmanship.

Whenever possible, low impact products have been selected against equivalent more impacting items (e.g., water based v. chemicals, locally sourced materials, etc.)

Heat and Power Production

The carbon footprint of Las Pergolas has been significantly reduced by extensive recourse the most abundant resource in a desert climate. The sun is used for both, the production of photovoltaic energy (with accumulators) and hot water for domestic use, aiming at energy self-sufficiency. Care has been used in order to avoid to the maximum extent possible any detrimental visual impact deriving from the installations.

197_Villa Las Pergolas.jpg

Power Saving

The constant climate of the Canary Islands, characterized by mild winters and pleasant summers (making them also known as the islands of eternal spring), paired with thick ancient rock walls, allow the villa to maintain a rather constant and pleasant internal temperature, with no need for energy intensive heating or cooling systems. 

The whole lighting system is based exclusively on led technology which allows up to 90% saving compared to standard technology, significantly reducing the overall energy requirements of Las Pergolas.

123_Villa Las Pergolas.jpg
118_Villa Las Pergolas.jpg

Water Saving

The consumption of the scarcest resource in a desert, water, is optimized through wastewater recovery, decantation and filtering systems which, together with rainwater recovery systems, help to irrigate the luxuriant garden.

The irrigation still benefits from the presence of an ancient aljibe (cistern) still fully functional.

The absence of chemicals in the pool (see below), allows the reuse of pool water for the garden: when disposed, is directed towards an aljibe, where it mixes with recovered sweet water further reducing its saltiness, returning suitable for irrigation.

Consumption of Chemicals

The swimming pool* includes a “saline electrolysis” process, as a healthy and sustainable solution for water disinfection.

The process avoids eyes and mucous membranes irritations and prevents dry skin and hair. The smell and taste of chlorine disappears, as well as corrosive and unhealthy environments.

The use of damaging chemicals is significantly reduced, while water is cleaner, healthier and crystal clear.

The system works on common salt that is added to water (about 6-7 grams per liter, six times less than salt at sea). The application of an electric current through electrodes, converts salt into chlorine, allowing water disinfection. The chlorine so produced, after having fulfilled its function as disinfectant, is converted back into salt, maintaining salt concentration constant with limited need for refills.

*Please note that access to the swimming pool is limited to guests of the main villa Teguise

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